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Our company is proud to present a variety of ATM NJ services available to businesses. Now, you can bring the convenience of banking on your own schedule to your customers with little effort. Our ATM Service in New Jersey is a great way to offer a valuable service to your customers, keeping them happy in the process. We can make an ATM work for you and your business. Our success is tied directly to your success. The better the service we provide you, the better our locally bassed new jersey company, you can provide to your customers. Here are just a few of the benefits of full service partnership purchase and processing available from our company:

  • No fees are assessed to a business for enjoying the many benefits of ATM service
  • We provide the ATM machine at your location
  • We takes care of cash management issues
  • We provide processing, supplies and support with no hassle or worry on your end
  • Receive a predetermined commission on every transaction made through your ATM
  • Each business in NJ has the option of providing the cash management
  • Each business receives half of the transaction fee
  • Each business may purchase an ATM from our new jersey company's full line of ATM machines
  • We take care of processing, supplies and support
  • Each business receives 100 percent of the surcharge fee

Sign-up Today

We will gladly answer all questions before signing you up for our ATM NJ service. We provide a detailed overall of the ATM services we provide. We clearly explain the many benefits of having an ATM at your place of business. We explain how the process works and what you need to do to get started. It is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. We discuss all ATM benefits and options with you before making any final decisions.
  2. An ATM representative delivers the ATM to your business location. We provide everything necessary for installation, including proper signage and free phone extension service.
  3. Our company's programs, stocks and services all the provided ATM machines at your NJ location . Each machine comes from our offices in NJ, fully supplied with cash and is ready for operation once installation is complete.

That is it! You're done! Customers can enjoy the convenience of using an ATM right at your business location. We take of the rest. We take care of maintenance issues and even monitor cash levels through our ATM network. We provide supplies and materials as they are needed. At the end of each month, all business owners receive an ATM transaction statement along with a commission check for all transactions made during the last month.

How It Works

All ATM machines we provide from our nj office are user-friendly and safe. In fact, each machine is guaranteed to work for you. If there are any maintenance issues, we take care of them for you. Here's how our ATM machines work:

  1. A customer swipes their ATM, debit or credit card through the slot on the ATM machine.
  2. The ATM is automatically connected to our secure host network via modem or wireless connection.
  3. The host network accesses banking data to verify funding for the requested transaction.
  4. The host network approves the requested transactions, provided the funds are available.
  5. The cash is dispensed from the ATM at your place of business to the customer.

Cash Vaulting

The ATM vaulting program lets your ATM company supply the ATM funds by using our preexisting service to supply funds to your machines. This option gives you instant access to cash you have earned. There is no middle man, all cash earned is kept by the client. Your money is no longer confined to a machine. Our ATM vaulting program is designed to tackle all your ATM responsibilities. National Bank Service ATM's cash vaulting services cost much less than you may realize. Contact us to today to start increasing your revenue as we do the work for you. Charge Vault Cash Services include:

  • Coverage throughout the United States
  • Assistance with maintaining the cash balance for each ATM machine
  • Very affordable interest rates on cash
  • Insurance for the cash stocked in ATM machines
  • Free online update on statistics for each ATM machine

ATM Sales

The ATM Group is made up of qualified and skilled individuals who understanding both the complexities and the possibilities of the ATM industry. We know how to develop ATM programs that benefit you and your customers. We do more than just sell ATM equipment and services. We develop a solid, long-term relationship with each of our agents and merchants. Our support technicians are highly qualified to provide service when you need it. Our fully certified and trained service technicians quickly handle any maintenance issues you may have. Customer service is our top priority. The ATM Group is your key to success by offering many services tailored to your needs:

  • Sales (both new and used machines)
  • Leasing of ATM machines
  • Service and related maintenance
  • ATM insurance
  • installation
  • Cash vaulting service
  • Transaction processing
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Signage parts inventory
  • Portfolio management
  • Daily fund settlement
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Special ATM-related events

Sign up for our ATM services today and let us make your business more customer friendly. Now is the time to reap the rewards of offering top quality ATM service to your customers.
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